Sewer Cleaning 102

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The goal of this training is teaching you improved techniques for cleaning the most difficult sewer lines in your collection system using your own manpower and equipment. We'll teach you the most effective and safe ways to do so, saving you both time and money.

Class duration: 8 hours  
Cost: $425

Key concepts to be covered:

-Production and cost issues.

-Pneumatic plugs

-Use and maintenance of high-pressure       sewer hose


-Nozzles: high pressure water systems

-Nozzles continued: capacity cleaning

-Dynamic filling

-Blockage removal of roots and grease

-Vacuum system


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Class description

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Nov. 21st
8:00-4:15pm EST


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Meet your trainer:
Rusty Nezat

- Rusty Nezat has been a Director of Nezat Training & Consulting Inc. since 1991

- Second generation sewer cleaner

-  Awarded several US Patents for sewer clean devices and processes

- Dung beetle Lover #guruofpoopoo